The attractive features of a prius

Driving an EV means instant power from a stoplight, and the feeling is addicting. Likewise, finishing a trip with mpg or better makes you want more. Yet plug-in hybrids and all-electric models still post small sales numbers. Which leads us to the two things everyone dislikes about EVs:

The attractive features of a prius

Besides the design, closer to last Corolla, the manufacturer used a trick to make this car even faster and more useful.


It is made of new materials to make its weight lighter, so the car can be driven with the same engine but much more strength and higher speed than before.

That will surely decrease fuel consumption and cost of the car.

The attractive features of a prius

Exterior Toyota Prius obviously has stolen a design from the new Toyota Corolla, but with more futuristic details and attractive features. The front end is recognizable in Toyota modelswith wide rhomboidal gridded grille and thin LED front lights. The rear end has, maybe not that usual on sedans, wide metallic protection on the bottom and modernly designed rear lights.

Toyota Prius Features

Sloped roof maybe makes the rear end shorter, but large inch alloy wheels make it larger and wider. It is made of quality materials, combining a grey and black color on the seats and chromatic details on the quality plastic on the dashboard. However, the manufacturer spent a lot of time to make this car safer, mostly thanks to the new rearview camera, lane departure system, cruise control, and video clip camera.

Engine As we said, there is the same, famous, hybrid engine under the hood of Toyota Prius, slightly improved, but now even more economical thanks to the lightweight chassis.

The attractive features of a prius

The engine produces horsepower of strength and pound-feet of torque. The petrol engine is also used on the Toyota Yaris and Toyota Auris. That is because of high market demands, very strong competition and surely an army of fans and trustful buyers who are used at the same price and features in this car.The Corolla has been part of the American automotive landscape for decades.

Prime styling: a giant leap forward

While other automakers have cycled through different names for their compact cars, Toyota held on to the Corolla name. Experiences, opinions, press kits, owner's manual highlights, auto shows, pictures, and drawings all focusing on the amazing Honda Insight gas/electric hybrid automobile.

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