Role of montessori directress

The Montessori environment is a "child size world". Whatever is in the world outside can be incorporated meaningfully in the Montessori classroom.

Role of montessori directress

Maria Montessori was born in Italy in at Chiaravalle, a small province of Ancona. Inher parents moved to Rome. As a child she showed great ability in mathematics and originally wanted to become an engineer.

She was the first woman ever granted a medical degree by an Italian University. After her graduation from medical school she interned in the psychiatric clinic of the University of Rome, and her work here with the mentally deficient led to many of her discoveries and ideas.

Montessori used materials previously used to teach older, deficient children. Gradually, the Montessori movement sprang up in many European countries and in different parts of the world.

In Maria Montessori was enthusiastically welcomed to America. During the war Role of montessori directress she established the Montessori movement in India, where she stayed until She continued to develop her philosophy and materials gaining from such philosophers and educators as Gandhi and Piaget.

Inshe returned to Europe and settled in Holland. She died in Holland in at the age of eighty-one. The basic principle of the Montessori philosophy of education is that all children carry within themselves the person they will become.

In order to develop the physical, intellectual, and spiritual potential to the fullest, the child must have freedom - a freedom achieved through order and self-discipline. The primary goal of a Montessori program is to help each child reach the fullest potential in all areas of life and to create a secure, loving and joyful environment in which the child can learn, grow, and become independent.

Role Of Montessori Directress Children And Young People Essay

It strives to educate each child to acquire self-esteem and a positive attitude towards learning. The program includes individualized teaching, self-corrective materials, as well as a stimulating and non-pressured environment. The lessons are individual and brief. Another characteristic of the lesson is its simplicity.

The third quality is objectivity. Montessori developed what she called a "prepared environment" that is controlled by the teacher, while children make decisions controlled within the Environment.

Role of montessori directress

The teacher is often called the directress or guide, who prepares this environment, directs the activities, functions as the authority, and offers stimulation to the child; but it is the child who learns and is motivated through the work and his desire to learn.

All these activities help the child develop an "inner discipline" which is the core concept of the Montessori philosophy. She returned to the University for further study, and inwas invited to organize a school in the reconstructed slum area of San Lorenzo, Italy.

She established a method of education that became universally effective. International interest in her approach led to Montessori schools in many countries. Montessori education was formally introduced in the United States inwith one of the early schools being established by Alexander Graham in his own home.

After an initial enthusiastic reception, interest in the Montessori approach soon waned in the US as the dominant emphasis of education shifted from the development of intellectual skills to life adjustment, and from the need for limits in the classroom to permissiveness.

This was, however, not typical of the response to Montessori education in other parts of the world where it continued to flourish.

The Montessori approach was reintroduced in the US by Nancy McCromick Rambusch inand principally because of the changes in the psychological and educational climate, there has followed a tremendous resurgence of interest in this system of teaching.

There are now 5, Montessori schools in this country and the number is growing.

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Everything in a Montessori classroom is geared to the child, creating a child-sized world. The furniture in the classroom is properly sized for the child. They are also proportionate to his abilities, not overly simple, challenging but never presenting an impossible goal.

The teacher carefully prepares this environment to give the child a safe place in which to explore, experiment, and learn. Maria Montessori did much of her work with 3 to 6 year old children, the Montessori approach to education has been used successfully with children from age two-and-a-half to eighteen from all socio-economic levels.

It has benefited children who are normal, gifted, learning-disabled, mentally challenged, emotionally disturbed, and physically handicapped. Addressing the education of the whole child, this approach allows children to actively participate in their own development.

It is also appropriate for classes in which the student-teacher ratio is high because children learn at an early age to work independently.

Today, most child psychologists agree that an holistic educational environment best serves children during their most formative years. The cost of establishing a Montessori classroom is probably higher than a traditional one because of the precision and quality demanded in the manufacture of Montessori materials.

Like everything else, these costs are affected by inflation. About a year of specialized training on both the undergraduate and graduate levels is required to teach in a Montessori school. The longer the school day and higher the grade level, the greater the cost.Indian Montessori Training Courses - Koramangala Announces Primary Course in Montessori method of Education for the year Admission open to Men & Women.

Diploma in the Montessori Method of Education Diploma in Montessori Method of Education (DMT)- for teaching children from 2B= - 6 years (Accredited by ODLQC UK and qualified by LAN as equivalent to certificate level).

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Directress Role in Classroom “The Role of the Montessori directress resembles more that of a guardian angel than a teacher of the old type.” – Maria Montessori: Her Life & Work. The Directress is a critical component to the classroom, considered the dynamic link between the child and his environment.

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