Prime ministers of india

Appointments Committee of the Cabinet Leader of the Cabinet: The Prime Minister summons and presides over meetings of the cabinet and determines what business shall be transacted in these meetings. Link between the Parliament and the Cabinet:

Prime ministers of india

Gulzarilal Nanda, who had been the Interim Prime Minister of India, for short durations on 2 different occasions. Inhe was graduated in Natural Sciences and Law in England. He became Prime ministers of india President of INC in He studied in Lahore, Amritsar, Agra and Allahabad.

Prime ministers of india

He died on 15th January at the age of 99 years, at Ahmedabad in Gujarath. Thereafter Lal Bahadur Srivatsava was known as Lal Bahadur Shastri, as he already dropped his family — caste based surname: Srivastava, during his High School studies.

From 24th January to 24th Marchfor a period of 10 years and 2 months, succeeding Dr.

Prime ministers of india

Charan Singh until her death on 31st Octoberbeing shot down by her own Security Guards, during her tenure as the Prime Minister of India. Indira Gandhi had been the Prime Minister of India, for a total duration of 14 years, 11 months and 17 days and became the second longest serving Prime Minister of India.

Also she has been the first and the only Lady Prime Minister Prime ministers of india India. Inshe got married to Mr.

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Feroz Gandhi and thereafter she had been known as Mrs Indira Gandhi. When her father was the Prime Minister of India, she had been unofficially working as his Personal Secretary.

On 31st Octobershe was shot dead, by 2 of her own Security Guards, in vengeance to the Operation Blue Cross, ordered by her, in which the sacred Amritsar Golden Temple was damaged in firing by Indian Military Forces against the Sikh Militants who were hiding in the temple complex.

By he joined the Indian Civil Services in Gujarat and in Mayhe resigned as the Deputy Collector of Godhra, after the Nagpur Riots ofin which he was found guilty by the British Rulers, as he accused of being in support of the Hindus in the riots. After retirement he lived in Mumbai.

He died on 10th Aprilat the age of 99 years.

List of Prime Ministers of India

His followers and family descendents migrated to Bulandhaher in Uttar Pradesh. Bhimrao Ambedkar University, Agra. Inhe had been practising as a civil lawyer in Ghaziabad. FromCharan Singh actively participated in the Indian Independence Movement and was imprisoned by the British Rulers on 2 occasions.

Inhe was elected as a member of the Legislative Assembly of the United Provinces. He was interested in the laws which were detrimental to the Indian farmers and the Indian village economy and he started to oppose the exploitation of the Indian farmers by the landlords.

He resigned as the Prime Minister of India in Januarysubsequent to the withdrawal of support by the Indira Gandhi Congress party. After resignation, he had been the Leader of the Lok Dal Party till his death.

He died on 29th May at the age of 84 years at New Delhi. Indira Gandhi and Mr. He studied Engineering in Trinity College, Cambridge, and London for 3 years from to and discontinued it and in he joined a Mechanical Engineering Course at the Imperial College, London and he could not complete that course also.

He was not interested in Politics while his younger brother Sanjay Gandhi was interested in Politics. However, after the sudden death Sanjay Gandhi in a plane crash, in JuneShankaracharya- Swami Shri Swaroopanand from Badrinath advised him not to continue as a Pilot and asked him to join Politics and do his best to the nation.

On 21st Mayhe was assassinated by a human bomb blast at Sriperumpudur, in Tamil Nadu, when he had come to attend a public election campaign meeting. The Liberation Tiger of Tamil Ealam LTTE militants had conspired and assassinated him, in vengeance to his attitude and actions against them, in sending a Peace Keeping Force to curtail their militant activities against the Srilankan Government.

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Born in Allahbad on 25th June and died on 27th November at the age of 77 years Mr. Singh was the head of the Janata Dal Government.

Rajiv Gandhi and was succeeded by Mr. Chandra Shekar as the Prime Minister of India 8. Chandra shekar succeeded Mr. Singh and was succeeded by Mr.The Prime Minister of India is the chief executive of the Government of India. In India’s parliamentary system, the Constitution names the President as head of state de jure, but his or her de facto executive powers are vested in the Prime Minister and his Council of PM's Profile.

On 26th May Narendra Modi took oath as the Prime Minister of India, becoming the first ever PM to be born after India attained Independence.

· List of Prime Ministers of India. Dear visitors, if you are preparing for any competitive exam then you must have knowledge about List of Prime Ministers of India from – In the current affairs section or general knowledge section, questions will be asked by candidates related to Prime Ministers of India according to the Sep 15,  · Narendra Modi also known as Narendra Damodardas Modi is the 14th and the current Prime Minister of India.

He took the office on 26th May Born on September 17, , in Mehsana, Narendra Modi. The Prime Minister of India is the chief executive of the Government of India's parliamentary system, the Constitution names the President as head of state de jure, but his or her de facto executive powers are vested in the Prime Minister and his Council of barnweddingvt.comted and sworn-in by the President, the Prime Minister is usually the .

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