New parking system advantages and problems

And while this has long been a fact of life for administrators, that challenge has grown significantly in recent years. Rising education costs have led many students to enroll in community colleges. In fact, a lot of these institutions are reporting double-digit increases in enrollment.

New parking system advantages and problems

How to cite this article: Information Technology Journal, 8: Referring to the aforesaid statistics provided by the Malaysian Ministry of Transportation, the current transportation infrastructure and car park facilities are deemed insufficient in sustaining the influx of vehicles on the road.

Therefore, problems such as traffic congestion and insufficient parking space inevitably crops up. In Asia, the situation are made worse by the fact that the roads are significantly narrower compared to the West Inaba et al. Various measures have been taken in the attempt to overcome the traffic problems.

Although, the problem can be addressed via many methods, the paper focuses on the car park management system introduced, which is the smart parking system.

This study will review the evolution of vehicle detection technologies as well as the detection systems developed over the years. With its deployment in the car park, it is hoped that it would solve the aforementioned problems faced by the patrons within the car park.

Advantages of smart parking system implementation: The smart parking system is considered beneficial for the car park operators, car park patrons as well as in environment conservation Shaheen et al.

New parking system advantages and problems

For the car park operators, the information gathered via the implementation of the Smart Parking System can be exploited to predict future parking patterns.

In terms of environment conservation, the level of pollution can be reduced by decreasing vehicle emission air pollutant in the air New parking system advantages and problems et al. This can be attributed to the fact that vehicle travel is reduced.

As fuel consumption is directly related to vehicle miles travelled, it will be reduces as well. Patrons are also able to benefit from smart parking system as parking space are able to be fully utilized Kurogo et al.

The system is made more efficient as vehicle travel time and search time are significantly reduced due to the information provided by the smart parking system. With the information provided, drivers are able to avoid car park that are fully occupied and locate vacant parking spaces with ease elsewhere.

The number of vehicles parked illegally by the roadside which leads to traffic congestion is also reduced as it is absorbed into the car parks Kurogo et al. Most importantly, traffic congestion can be reduced.

All this would eventually lead to convenience for the patrons. Categories of smart parking system: The smart parking system can be divided into five major categories: Further discussion on the implementation and characteristic of each of the smart parking system category together with examples of its implementation around the world will also be provided.

The PGIS can either include the entire city area or function only within the car park facility Shaheen et al. Both provides information which aids the decision making process of the drivers in reaching their destination location and aids them in locating a vacant parking space within the car park facility.

The city wide PGIS is indeed helpful in assisting drivers to car park with vacant parking spaces via the information occupancy status for various car parks around the city as well as other relevant information. On the other hand, guidance in locating the vacant parking space within the car park is ultimately provided by PGIS implemented within the car park.

PGIS can be summarized as consisting of 4 major components: For guidance on the road, various implementation methods can be adopted. For example, the system in Shinjuku and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania segregates the city area into color coded areas for in providing guidance Kurogo et al.

Meanwhile, in Yokohama, Japan, the city is divided into four zones whereby the information specificity increases with each zone that the driver cross to arrive at the destination location. Mobile phones can also be used for guidance based on the research conducted by Idna and Tamil which utilizes Global Positioning System GPS for vehicle detection.

The GPS technology used are discussed in detail by Tamil et al. Besides that, the parking guidance system developed based on web and GIS technology Liu et al.

The guidance system can be with the conventional parking management system as well. In order to guide the patrons effectively, the car park map is printed on the parking ticket equipped with Radio Frequency Identification RFID tags for guidance Idna et al.These actions make the parking system spend additional money to make new parking permits for the students who do switch parking lots.

The problems of the old parking system How to make the system more effective is the big problem here, as the system does not have a very useful method of collecting information to analyze and solve the.

Parking problems is mainly because of three reasons overpopulation, huge number of cars,less amount of the parking space. Since nothing can be done with overpopulation, something has to be done with large number of cars.

large number of cars are there in India because of poor public transport system. This chapter describes and evaluates various solutions to common parking problems, including sharing, regulating and pricing of parking facilities, more accurate requirements, use of off-site parking facilities, improved user information, and incentives to use alternative modes.

Robotic Parking Solutions

Our new municipal garages in downtown Brooklyn will be the driving force of a new era in municipal parking.

Environmentally Responsible Automotion systems reduce pollution from parking by over 90% because we eliminate the driving for the parking and are able to move all the cars without using any fuel. Advantages of smart parking system implementation: The smart parking system is considered beneficial for the car park operators, car park patrons as well as in environment conservation (Shaheen et al., ; Chinrungrueng et al., ).

For the car park operators, the information gathered via the implementation of the Smart Parking System can. Complexity characterises the behaviour of a system or model whose components interact in multiple ways and follow local rules, meaning there is no reasonable higher instruction to define the various possible interactions..

The term is generally used to characterize something with many parts where those parts interact with each other in .

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