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Idexx laboratories essay

Laboratory diagnosis methods for confirming dengue virus infection may involve detection of the virus, viral nucleic acid, antigens or antibodies, or a combination of these techniques. After the onset of illness, the virus can be detected in serum, plasma, circulating blood cells and other tissues for 4—5 days.

During the early stages of the disease, virus isolation, nucleic acid or antigen detection can be used to diagnose the infection. At the end of the acute phase of infection, serology is the method of choice for diagnosis.

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Antibody response to infection differs according to the immune status of the host 1. When dengue infection occurs in persons who have not previously been infected with a flavivirus or immunized with a flavivirus vaccine e. IgM antibodies are the first Idexx laboratories essay isotype to appear.

IgM levels peak about two weeks after the onset of symptoms and then decline generally to undetectable levels over 2—3 months.

Anti-dengue serum IgG is generally detectable at low titres at the end of the first week of illness, increasing slowly thereafter, with serum IgG still detectable after several months, and probably even for life 2 — 4.

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During a secondary dengue infection a dengue infection in a host that has previously been infected by a dengue virus, or sometimes after non-dengue flavivirus vaccination or infectionantibody titres rise rapidly and react broadly against many flaviviruses.

The dominant immunoglobulin isotype is IgG which is detectable at high levels, even in the acute phase, and persists for periods lasting from 10 months to life. Early convalescent stage IgM levels are significantly lower in secondary infections than in primary ones and may be undetectable in some cases, depending on the test used 5.

A range of laboratory diagnostic methods has been developed to support patient management and disease control. The choice of diagnostic method depends on the purpose for which the testing is done e.

In general, tests with high sensitivity and specificity require more complex technologies and technical expertise, while rapid tests may compromise sensitivity and specificity for the ease of performance and speed.

Virus isolation and nucleic acid detection are more labour-intensive and costly but are also more specific than antibody detection using serologic methods. Comparison of diagnostic tests according to their accessibility and confidence.

Clinical management Dengue virus infection produces a broad spectrum of symptoms, many of which are non-specific. Thus, a diagnosis based only on clinical symptoms is unreliable. Early laboratory confirmation of clinical diagnosis may be valuable because some patients progress over a short period from mild to severe disease and sometimes to death.

Early intervention may be life-saving. Before day 5 of illness, during the febrile period, dengue infections may be diagnosed by virus isolation in cell culture, by detection of viral RNA by nucleic acid amplification tests NAATor by detection of viral antigens by ELISA or rapid tests.

Virus isolation in cell culture is usually performed only in laboratories with the necessary infrastructure and technical expertise.

For virus culture, it is important to keep blood samples cooled or frozen to preserve the viability of the virus during transport from the patient to the laboratory. The isolation and identification of dengue viruses in cell cultures usually takes several days. Nucleic acid detection assays with excellent performance characteristics may identify dengue viral RNA within 24—48 hours.

However, these tests require expensive equipment and reagents and, in order to avoid contamination, tests must observe quality control procedures and must be performed by experienced technicians. NS1 antigen detection kits now becoming commercially available can be used in laboratories with limited equipment and yield results within a few hours.

Rapid dengue antigen detection tests can be used in field settings and provide results in less than an hour.

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Currently, these assays are not type-specific, are expensive and are under evaluation for diagnostic accuracy and cost-effectiveness in multiple settings. After day 5, dengue viruses and antigens disappear from the blood coincident with the appearance of specific antibodies.Jan 01,  · American business awards | The annual report awards blog of the Stevie Awards, the world's premier business awards programs.

As a result of the performed essay, we verified that the European strain of PRRSV had a higher presence than the American strain in the Portuguese continental territory. Additionally, we stated that the IDEXX HerdCheck PRRS X3 kit presented a higher sensibility for the .

IDEXX was incorporated in , and continued to grow, eventually expanding global operations to their European headquarters in Hoofddorp, The Netherlands. IDEXX is split into three main lines of business, Companion Animal Group, Livestock and Poultry Diagnostics, and Water.


Idexx laboratories essay

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ESSAYS, term and research papers available for UNLIMITED access Home» Essay» Demon In The Freezer Demon In The Freezer demon in the freezer IDEXX Laboratories . Donald Warden, MPH. I am also a Medical Laboratory Technician at Idexx Laboratories where I have been trained to perform veterinary hematology microscopy and complete quality control and Title: Student at the University of Memphis.

“The goal of this study is to compare the IDEXX Laboratories® PCR test with fungal culture in an animal shelter, to see if the PCR test could replace fungal culture for early diagnosis of ringworm and for showing that the animal has been cured after treatment.

Jan 01,  · IDEXX Laboratories of Westbrook, Maine, USA won a Stevie® Award in the corporate literature and annual report awards categories of The American Business Awards for Best Annual Report - Online/Electronic. Sponsors University of Minnesota College of Veterinary Medicine College of Food, Agricultural and Natural Resource Sciences Extension Service Swine Center Thank you to IDEXX Laboratories for their financial support to reproduce the conference proceeding book. The exam will include oral questions and essay questions, and will cover: pre. Successfully pass an examination with multiple choice, short answer and/or essay questions regarding the above topics by achieving a score of 60% or better. Course She subsequently moved to Scotland and works from home for Idexx Laboratories, based in Wetherby, West Yorkshire. Inc | AMZN | Intrinio