How to writing anchor charts in the classroom

Kristen Smith On Friday my class made homemade applesauce in class. It is truly one of my favorite activities that I do every year. I love it because we get to practice a variety of skills in such a fun and engaging activity.

How to writing anchor charts in the classroom

Wednesday, March 21, Anchor charts and Classroom charts Galore! Well I am home again. This time my youngest daughter is sick. We seem to be spreading this lovely stuff over weeks and months.

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Anyway, she is asleep right now so I caught up on my blog-stalking and thought I'd post a few pics of my anchor charts and classroom charts. So this is going to be very random - no rhyme or reason at all - just the pics I could find.

I hope my sharing will help someone out there because most of these were inspired by someone else, and those someone else-s have made me a better teacher!

Anchor Charts: Reading and Writing Goals | Teaching and Tapas CollectCollect this now for later dorthy The Inspired Apple has some great activities to use this February! From Groundhog Day to Valentine's Day to Presidents' Day to Dental Health month, you'll be inspired to add some fun activities into your curriculum or thematic units.

Our newest anchor chart on re-telling. One of our weather charts. We created this chart together by brainstorming describing words.

They then wrote their own poems using these words. I have posted most of these before but I can't remember which ones. So, here they are again! Here are a few more from some past units. I just didn't get around to them at the time. My class this year keeps me hoppin'!

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Based on an investigation activity from Deanna Jump's America unit. We taste tested popcorn and used our five senses to describe it. I think this is based off of Mrs. Jump's page out of her Penguin unit.

Our snowman brace map. Our student sheet to go with the snowman brace map. This time we tasted and described hot chocolate! I hope there is something here that is helpful to you!In my first grade classroom, I have assigned a character (a writing friend) to each step of the writing process.

First grade is the first time my students are introduced to the writing process, so I begin talking about these characters long before I expect students to use them.

Provide Anchor Charts for Curriculum Specific Needs: Only put up anchor charts that you will be using on a regular basis. Keep the fresh with what curriculum and activities you are doing.

Keep the fresh with what curriculum and activities you are doing. Hoyt.“Anchor charts are displayed in the classroom in order to provide a visual resource for the students. Write your ideas so far about anchor charts: Are they currently a part of your instruction?

Anchor Charts as an Effective Teacher/Student Tool By Sample Anchor Charts. Charts for classroom management: A chart similar to this helps eliminate the “I’m finished, what do I do next?" blues. Charts that are currently in the unit: We are currently writing fiction in our room and are ramping up our efforts to vary our transitions.

The Daily Five. Relies on the Make an anchor chart together and write down ideas about what it would look like and sound like in the room when the signal goes off.

Then, practice, practice, practice! you might use in your classroom. Write 2 ways that the information relates to you on a personal level. How to writing is one of my favorite units as a first grade teacher!

how to writing anchor charts in the classroom

My students choose topics they are experts on and teach others how to do something by writing their very own how to book. These fun lessons, anchor charts and activities are perfect for the first and second grade classroom!

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