Homelessness essay conclusions

Essay on Homelessness Introduction Homelessness has become a pervasive social problem in Australia, with one in two hundred Australians being devoid of roof over their heads. Most of the homeless people are concentrated in cities such as Sydney, Brisbane, and Perth. During the period of tothe number of people not having access to secure housing in Australia increased by 14

Homelessness essay conclusions

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. Get Access Homelessness in Hawaii Essay Sample The major purpose of the study is to educate the community and provide awareness about homelessness as it ultimately has the potential to affect anyone.

The study that our group would like to conduct is to examine the homeless population and the issues that surround it.

As we examine the causes of homeless the possibility of preventing homelessness increases. As more is being done to get people off of the street, what is being done to prevent people from becoming homeless? Introduction Homelessness has the potential to affect everyone and anyone.

The economy continues to change and unfortunately the changes are not always for the best of individuals. It seems as though there are several programs, grants, and transitional housing available to assist those who are already homeless. As we continue to examine the homeless epidemic, it is evident that researching homeless prevention would be beneficial as it could potentially slow down the future increasing number of homeless individuals.

Method A Survey was given to 50 homeless adults, 25 male and 25 female. Among the 50 adults 16 were categorized as young adults, 18 middle aged adults, and 16 were determined elderly.

The questions on the survey were determined to identify: Of the 50 surveyed, the last places of residence were as follows; 6 were in the Windward area, 35 were on the West side, 8 in Central Oahu, and 2 were living on the South end of the island.

The current living status of the 50 surveyed were 27 living in the streets, 11 in emergency shelters, and 12 in some form of transitional housing.


The length of homelessness among the 50 were as follows: Source of income; 7 reported having no income, 12 had income from employment, and 31 reported receiving some form of government financial assistance. The survey was conducted on the island of Oahu in the four main district areas.

The areas surveyed were on the Windward, West, Central, and South parts of the island. Of the 50 surveys, 13 were done on the Windward side, 13 West side, 12 Central, and 12 on the South side.

Homelessness essay conclusions

The Windward and West side both were considered to be more populated with homeless adults therefore were given an additional survey each. The surveys were issued by four of the learning team members who each surveyed a specific district.

The learning team members conducted their surveys in the areas which were believed to be most heavily populated with homeless adults. The following analysis was performed on the data: Identify risk factors of Agencies need to identify Expect a large percentage of Amend all contracts that will becoming homeless.Write how to help homeless people in your essay on homelessness in America.

You can write here about the ways, how people can appear to have an impressively positive and strong affect on the life of a person, who has no home. Write about the phenomenon of homelessness in the life of children and younger generation as a whole.

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