Fulla doll

When she cried out, the Lord appeared and asked, "My dear child, why are you crying?

Fulla doll

A prime example is "Anti-Raigeki", a Fulla doll card designed to counter one particular magic card that ended up being Forbidden anyway.

The "Raigeki" allowed you to instantly destroy your opponent's entire field, leaving them completely defenseless until they could set more cards on the field on their next turn. Even worse are cards like "Senet Switch", which allows you to move one monster to an adjacent space Similarly a number of Magic: The Gathering cards are so situational as to be useless.

One of the best examples of this is the Great Wall enchantment. Landwalk is an ability that renders a creature such that it can't be blocked if it's attacking an opponent who has the correct type of land swamps for swampwalk, forests for forestwalk and so on.

The rarest of the basic landwalks is plainswalk, mostly due to Fridge Logic over how you stealthily move through a wide open plain anyway. Not a single card with this ability has ever been considered a threat in any known Magic Metagame.

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The Great Wall enchantment's sole effect is that it allows creatures with plainswalk to be blocked. Paper Jam Boy then proceeds to be "defeated" by a printer that was out of ink.

Cartoonist Michael Kupperman parodied this in an issue of Nickelodeon Magazine with such characters as Mannister, the man who could become a bannister thereby keeping people from falling off the stairs if some villain were to steal the bannister rail for some reason.

As noted in his introductory strip, "This ability was useful some of the time, but not most of the time. In the first session, Dave's Pot-Lid Boy power: Fan Works Potter Puppet Pals in the live show at least. Dumbledore describes the awesome power of: The spell we know as love.

The Abridged Series can use his Millennium Rod to control minds. Unfortunately, it only works on people called Steve. Although having people's names legally changed makes them susceptible, as Joey and Tea finds out. This also applies to people whose middle names are Steve, as Marik was able to control Bandit Kieth because his middle name was Steve, and presumably people whose last names are Steve.

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He also pointed out that, if he felt like it, he could have "Stone Cold" Steve Austin kick your ass. Sailor Mercury from Sailor Moon Abridged is not only utterly useless, in one episode she even causes the people to die by using her powers, hence blocking their views and prevent them from fleeing the scenery.

Kroko gets this in A Posse Ad Esse. While his fellow inmates get things like emotion-controlled weather, limited gravity manipulation and the ability to pause time for 30 seconds, Kroko Granted, he is 19cm tall, but still. And he seems to have to constantly flap his arms to maintain this flight.

Naruto has inherited a kekkei genkai from his father that causes him to change genders at semi-random intervals. Haku is severely creeped out by the idea of someone who changes genders having a crush on him. Gaara from the same story has the power to set his hair on fire.

Child of the Storm rehabilitates one or two people who have previously lame or underdeveloped powers. Banshee is mostly famous for screaming at people to knock them down or at the ground to somehow fly.

Fulla doll

The story delves into some of his lesser-known powers and the lesser-known properties of sound — for instance, he's got a powerful Compelling Voicehe controls sound in a small area around him, so he can move in complete silence, he's got a form of superhearing that allows him to use his own footsteps as sonar and he can shatter anything if he hits its resonant frequency.

Including wands, bone and diamond. Fairly formidable, even before you take into account the fact that he's had nearly fifty years to get very, very good with his powers. He's also physically about thirty due to a Noodle Incident involving 'a living island, name of Krakoa' and a badass of note, who's prepared for his powers being nullified by training in hand to hand.

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