Film studies as level essays

Just like any art form, films are also designed to be understood and felt, to appeal to our minds and emotions. This is achieved through a film study, this post discusses how to write a film studies essay.

Film studies as level essays

What are the key factors influencing what kind of films get made today? Different UK Film strands: Social Realism London to Brighton, Nil by Mouth, Quadrophenia, Trainspotting — availability of funding through the UK film council, popular with a loyal and significant minority of cinemagoers and in the case of Quadrophenia and Trainspotting were also massive commercial successes.

Audiences — familiar territory, characters and narrative, allows for narrative development. Different directors handle the franchise in different ways and bring new twists — Harry Potter and Bond, typically English but have universal appeal.

Producers trust franchises, cheaper, already established audiences. Established cast and Crew, past record of box office success, they can capitalise on the hype surrounding the franchise. Dominance of UK distribution by Hollywood majors.

UK produce has fierce competition to even get a release. Rise of the Multiplex — lends itself to multi screenings of mainstream and usually Hollywood products.

Economics — merchandising, DVD sales, television and internet rights, soundtrack resales. Drives production towards the derivative, safe and mainstream. Foreign language films are less likely to get theatrical release because they are less likely to secure a TV distribution deal.

Technology — 3D — spectacle over substance, e. Avatar, Life of Pi, Titanic re-release in 3D Remakes — Generic, Formulaic, Mainsteam, Blockbuster, Spectacle — largely due to Hollywood dominance Documentaries — mainstream audiences are showing an increased appetite for documentary.

These are cheap to make and therefore hugely profitable. What are the ways in which films of the past are made attractive to contemporary audiences? TCM — Turner Classic Movies — one of the largest film libraries in the world, readily available on cable and satellite.

Internet marketing through social networks. Increased corporate presence on facebook with promotions. Remakes might stimulate interest in the original, e. The Italian Job, Alfie are also examples of s classics remade for a contemporary audience DVD — re-release in the form of anniversary box sets.

Theatrical re-release Titanic, Blade Runner, The Shining Television — documentaries on past film makers or on the making of films e. The Making of Blade Runner might stimulate interest in the original Controversy — films subject to past controversy can find new audiences.

The Exorcist was refused a home certificate for almost thirty years. On a smaller scale the same thing happened with Straw Dogs which was also refused a home certificate for nearly 30 years. Independent and Art House Cinemas often show reprints or limited re-releases of classics such as Lawrence of Arabia.

How do independent films sometimes achieve success? Good Festival Reception Cannes, Berlin, Toronto, Sundance, Venice often be used in the poster design and in Billboards Clever marketing strategies that are cost effective such as viral campaigns e.

Conventional reviews that support the marketing Prior track record of the production company Working Title has a near 30 year reputation for producing excellent independent films The audience is more diverse and has a wider set of tastes than the distributors imagine Word of mouth —peer reviews both in person and on social networking sites Good track record of the director widens or broadens the appeal Andrea Arnold Independent and art house audiences are very loyal 4.

How far are new technologies changing the way audiences watch films? Airplay function from laptop through Apple TV. Increasing trend towards on-line viewing and away from television. Audiences are no longer limited to television schedules.

Amazon DVD and Bluray — immersive interactivity features such as in screen menus. How important is film marketing in attracting an audience? There are a range of strategies including posters, press screenings, previews, media presence including interviews, physical advertising such as billboards, press advertisements, festivals, posters in commuter spaces, special television previews, cinema trailers, radio advertisements.

There are also a range of methods which make heavy use of new technology such as viral marketing through social network sites Facebook, Twitter, Youtube.

There is also a heavy web pop-up presence on sites such as yahoo, imdb and Lovefilm. In addition iTunes features trailers very heavily. All of these methods suggest that an effective marketing campaign is critical to a films success.

It is also the case that pre —release marketing can kill a film — John Carter. The very best candidates were also able to consider the role of producers and audiences in film marketing.May 15,  · This is "Guilt Trip", a serious film studies project which achieved an A at A-level.

Database of FREE film studies essays - We have thousands of free essays across a wide range of subject areas. Sample film studies essays! Film Studies Essay-Writing Guide The degree is Film Studies, Unlike your A-Level essays.

› Film studies genre analysis essays english essay help death of a salesman dreams essay sa tabi ng dagat ni ildefonso santos analysis essay imposture film critique essays a level pe essays on love pesar en balanza analytical essay rango ka tyohar essay writing one component of an analytical essay is the abstract single contracts of. Learning entrepreneurs: studies film essays Learning and teaching involve. An adjective is derived from verbs, but they craved examples that follow each one. Apa follows an author-date style for listing in a lot of technology and communication. Example Film Studies Essays. Search here to find a specific article or browse from the list below: Discuss Auteurist Theory in Relation to Film Directors ‘The director is the author of the film.’ Discuss this statement, auteur theory and auteurism in relation to at least two film directors.

Past Papers Below are all the available documents related to Film Studies GCE AS/ view PDFs on this page you will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader. Free film papers, essays, and research papers. My Account. Your search returned over Carol Clover, an American professor of film studies.

Film studies as level essays

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