Essays on food deserts


Essays on food deserts

Millions of Americans — mostly poor, many African-Americans — live in these areas. In fact, the United States Department of Agriculture reports that about Typically, food deserts are defined by: These food deserts are also signified by high levels of obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases in the community, which result from residents buying their food from corner stores that sell processed foods, and plentiful fast food options.

As ofNew Orleans ranked 8th nationally for the percentage of its population living in poverty. And according to change. Researchers at the Congressional Hunger Center report that there are only 20 grocery stores in New Orleans, compared to 30 before Katrina, which means the average grocery store in New Orleans serves 16, people — twice the national average.

A study commissioned by O. Nearly one-third of these residents are children. In a typical Black neighborhood in Chicago, the nearest grocery store is roughly twice as distant as the nearest fast food restaurant.

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The study also found that Black Chicagoans travel the farthest on average to reach any type of grocery store 0. Among those living in neighborhoods with the worst access to fresh food, ten of every 1, people die from cancer.

And while a host of factors such as poor health care and stress also contribute to these numbers, the comparison is more chilling when it comes to deaths from cardiovascular disease, afflicting 11 people per 1, in the hardest-hit neighborhoods, compared with fewer than six per 1, among the best off.

When examined along racial lines, researchers found that there are four times as many supermarkets in predominantly white neighborhoods as in black neighborhoods. The study also found that only 8 percent of African Americans live in a census tract with a supermarket, compared to 31 percent of whites.

A Mid-South Food Bank survey found that 83 percent of those served by the bank had to choose between buying food and paying utilities. And 32 percent had to choose between buying food and paying rent or mortgage. Paul as ofare largely to blame. Incity authorities discovered that 36 percent of local corner stores did not have any fresh produce and the rest had produce that was limited.

In Hunters Point, some 40, residents travel miles to the nearest grocery store. Most turn to nearby high-fat, high-sodium fast food.

And each is not unlike many cities in California. Eight five percent of the states food deserts are found in urban ares. According to estimates by the Detroit News, the city has full-service grocery stores, compared to its more than 1, convenience stores — and gas stations that sell some type of food.

Most residents live twice as far from the nearest supermarket than a fast food restaurant. According to the Michigan Department of Community Health, 70 percent of Detroiters are obese or overweight.

A study conducted by the New York Department of City Planning estimates that as many as three million New Yorkers live in communities without enough access supermarkets.

Camden, which consistently ranks among the poorest and most violent cities in the U. Researchers say Camden residents lack both large supermarkets and the mass transportation needed to get to far-away stores.The implementation of this strategy, specifically by pioneering small formats in the “food desert” neighborhoods of Chicago, shows the increased sales opportunities for this market.

Walmart’s market segmentation studies have shown the potential strength of this type of strategy. “Food desert” is a term commonly used to describe communities with little or no access to healthy food, including fresh fruits, vegetables, meats and diary products.

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Essays on food deserts

Topics: Supermarket, Money can also be a factor in a food deserts because if consumers do not have the money to shop in certain stores, it makes it difficult for them to accommodate to their needs. Jewel can be expensive at times, and let’s say someone who needs groceries only has a jewel near .

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Sign in Home Page; People Who Live in Food Deserts in America Essay People Who Live in Food Deserts in America Essay; People Who Live in Food Deserts in America Essay. Words 6 Pages. Show More. America is by far one of the wealthiest and most powerful nations worldwide. But to be . Apr 18,  · It has become an article of faith among some policy makers and advocates, including Michelle Obama, that poor urban neighborhoods are food deserts, bereft of fresh fruits and vegetables.

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Share on Facebook Share on Twitter The United States is known for high rates of obesityand although obesity is caused by the overconsumption of food, hunger is a major problem in the US as well. These two issues are often found in the same impoverished communities.
You can even look up a food desert locater on the USDA website and it will provide you areas where it is hard to buy broccoli or carrots in red marked areas.
Food deserts, hunger and obesity – The Stanford Daily The other defining characteristic of food deserts is socio-economic: Processed foods such as snack cakes, chips and soda typically sold by corner delis, convenience stores and liquor stores are usually just as unhealthy.


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