Condoms should be distributed in schools

But sparks really start flying when discussing whether to provide free condoms in high schools.

Condoms should be distributed in schools

Submit Stupidity at it's finest. If the government have set a law, stick to it. If the age of consent is 16 and over in the UK, why are the government equpping school children for underage sex?

School Condom Availability

As a teenager myself, not proud to be I shall add, I know that other teenagers will try and outdo eachother to share their pathetic sexual encounters with the rest of the year group.

People in authority and the media verge on paedophilic by pressuring young people so much to have sex. They are further perpetuating this notion of underage sex by subtextally saying "everybody is doing it? Who cares what everybody else is doing?

What if you don't have those pathetic urges at that age? You'll be subject to being called "frigid" if you're female and "loser" or "gay" if you're male. Now with the argument of underage pregnancies and STDs. Hypothetically speaking, if underage people didn't have access to contraception and got an STD or an unwanted pregnancy, clearly it's their own damn fault.

Condoms are good

They should have applied their knowledge of this to their own common sense. If you do something illegal, they shouldn't expect that their won't be consequences.Condoms should be distributed in schools to prevent pregnancy, STD's and set a good example.

We know from research that abstinence education does not work and will not stop young people from having sex if they decide that it's something that they want to do.

Nov 21,  · Ultimately, if students want to have condoms distributed in schools, we should demand that the district change its policy to allow more access to condoms, which would decrease the pregnancy and STD rates districtwide.

A Gallup Poll found that 68 percent of adults surveyed thought condoms should be available in the schools, and a separate survey of high-school seniors showed 81 percent agreed.

6 In a survey of Denver high school students, 85 percent supported condom availability in their school. Response / Why Schools Should Make Condoms Available to Teenagers. politicians, and educators have questioned whether making condoms available should be the job of the school.

Condoms should be distributed in schools

They argue that school should be a place for learning math and reading and science, not how to put on a condom. But public high schools are the best place to. Why Free Condoms Should be Distributed in High Schools Condoms help reduce the spread of STDs Among U.S.

high school students surveyed by the CDC in , 40% were sexually active.

Condoms should be distributed in schools

condoms should not be distributed in schools because if they distribute condoms in schools they are simply encouraging sex before marriage whilst in most religions of the world sex before marriage is considered to be a sin and yet they start producing condoms in schools which simply means religious views will be affected and moreover no .

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