A literary analysis of the joy luck club by amy tan

Table of Contents Ying-ying St. Clair Ying-ying was born in the year of the Tiger, a creature of force and stealth. However, when her nursemaid tells her that girls should be meek and passive, Ying-ying begins to lose her sense of autonomous will. Always listening to omens and signs, she never paid attention to her inner feelings.

A literary analysis of the joy luck club by amy tan

A literary analysis of the joy luck club by amy tan

It is composed of a group of Chinese women who come together to share their friendship and to play games. The real purpose, however, is to support one another and to save their Chinese culture and heritage. At the beginning of this part of the book, Jing-Mei is thirty-six years old, and her mother, Suyuan, has suddenly died of a cerebral aneurysm.

Jing-Mei agrees to attend one of the meetings. She then tells the story of the Joy Luck Club. She had chosen members for the second club from the First Chinese Baptist Church; all of the selected women had undergone suffering, much like she.

When Suyuan tried to tell her daughter all about the club, Jing-Mei never really listened. As a result, all she knows about the Joy Luck Club is that the ladies meet to play mahjong, to gossip, and to share gifts with one another.

Suyuan had also told her daughter about the soldier who had come to her house in Kweilin. He told her she must flee at once to avoid the atrocities of the Japanese invaders. She quickly packed a few belongings and left with her two small children. Little by little, she was forced to abandon her belongings.

Eventually, she left her children behind as well, hoping they would be spared. It begins with the reading of the minutes. Then as An-Mei prepares the food, the other women gossip.

After supper, they play mahjong. As she is about to leave, Jing-Mei is approached by some of the women in the group. Because of her efforts, the daughters have been located. Although Jing-Mei knows little about the club, she states that the Chinese women who belong meet together to play mahjong, gossip, share their oriental culture, and support one another.

Key themes are also established in this chapter. The first is the pain caused by lack of communication. Jing-Mei and her mother, Suyuan, often have difficulty communicating. Being very traditional, Suyuan is extremely proud of her Chinese heritage and fights to keep it in place.

She thinks of herself as American and adopts the culture that surrounds her. The differences between mother and daughter make it hard for them to really communicate. Jing-Mei cannot understand the suffering her mother has endured; and Suyuan cannot understand the frivolity of Jing-Mei.

When Suyuan finally tells her daughter about the twin daughters that she abandoned in China, Jing-Mei is completely shocked. The theme of lack of communication is developed throughout the novel. Each of the four mothers and daughters has difficulty really talking to and understanding one another.

In addition, Amy Tan had the same problem with her mother, Daisy; their worlds were so different, it was difficult for them to really communicate.

A literary analysis of the joy luck club by amy tan

Like Suyuan, Daisy Tan also intentionally withholds information from her daughter. It is not until they are preparing to move to Switzerland that Daisy tells Amy that she has left three daughters behind in China.

Amy is completely surprised at the news, just like Jing-Mei. Suffering is another key theme of the novel.essay writing for ias mains syllabus jan global regents dbq essay ethnographic methodology research paper york history phd application essay bill ayers essay. The Joy Luck Club is a novel by Amy Tan that was first published in Summary.

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Mar 26,  · Amy Tan’s The Joy Luck Club is a narrative mosaic made up of the lives of four Chinese women and their Chinese American daughters. Because of its structure, the book can only loosely be called a. Literature Study Guides.

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The Joy Luck Club

In a way, Jing-mei Woo is the main character of The Joy Luck Club. Structurally, her narratives serve as bridges between the two generations of storytellers, as Jing-mei speaks both for herself and for her recently deceased mother, Suyuan.

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