A biography of john george haigh the acid bath vampire

On February 20, a man and woman came to the police station in Chelsea to report that Mrs. Olive Durand-Deacon, aged 69, seemed to have disappeared.

A biography of john george haigh the acid bath vampire

He was convicted for the murder of six people, although he claimed to have killed nine.

A biography of john george haigh the acid bath vampire

He battered or shot his victims to death and used concentrated sulphuric acid to destroy their corpses before forging papers so he could sell the victims' possessions and collect substantial sums of money.

During the investigation, it became apparent that Haigh was using the acid to destroy victims' bodies because he misunderstood the meaning of the term corpus delicti, and mistakenly believed that, if the bodies could not be found, a murder conviction would not be possible. Despite the absence of his victims' bodies, there was sufficient scientific evidence for him to be convicted for the murders and subsequently executed.

A biography of john george haigh the acid bath vampire

Haigh later claimed that he suffered from recurring religious nightmares in his childhood. Despite these limitations, Haigh developed great proficiency at the piano, which he learned at home.

He was fond of classical music and often went to concerts featuring music by Felix MendelssohnJohann Sebastian BachAntonio VivaldiTchaikovsky and many more.

He then won another scholarship to Wakefield Cathedral, where he became a choirboy. After school, he was apprenticed to a firm of motor engineers. After a year, he left that job, and took jobs in insurance and advertising.

At age 21, he was fired after being suspected of stealing from a cash box. The marriage soon disintegrated. The same year that Haigh was jailed for fraud, Betty gave birth while he was in prison, but she gave the baby girl up for adoption and left Haigh.

His conservative family ostracised him from that point onwards. He then moved to London inand became chauffeur to William McSwan, a wealthy owner of amusement arcades. He maintained McSwan's amusement machines.

He sold fraudulent stock shares, purportedly from the estates of his deceased clients, at below-market rates. His scam was uncovered by someone who noticed he had misspelled Guildford as "Guilford" on his letterhead, an unlikely mistake from an educated solicitor.

Haigh received a four-year prison sentence for fraud. Haigh was released just after the start of the Second World War; he continued as a fraudster, and was sentenced to several further terms of imprisonment. Haigh realised that his repeated arrests stemmed from leaving victims alive to report the crime, and he became intrigued by the crimes of French murderer Georges-Alexandre Sarretwho in had disposed of his victims' bodies via sulphuric acid.

While in prison, Haigh devised a method of destruction of the body of a murder victim by dissolving it in the acid. He experimented with field mice and found that it took only 30 minutes for the body to dissolve.

McSwan introduced Haigh to his parents, Donald and Amy.

Early life Murder Crawley A month after his arrest he also admitted to three more murders - a woman and a youth in West London and a girl in Eastbourne. These have not been substantiated.

McSwan worked for them by collecting rents on their London properties, and Haigh became envious of his lifestyle. On 6 SeptemberMcSwan disappeared. Haigh later admitted hitting him over the head after luring him into a basement at 79 Gloucester Road, London SW7.

He then put McSwan's body into a gallon drum and tipped concentrated sulphuric acid onto it. Two days later he returned to find that the body had become sludge, which he poured down a manhole. He told McSwan's parents that their son had gone into hiding in Scotland to avoid being called up for military service.

Haigh then took over McSwan's house and began collecting the rents for his parents, but he wanted the money from the properties. Donald and Amy became curious as to why their son had not returned as the war was coming to an end.

On 2 Julyhe lured them to Gloucester Road by telling them their son was back from Scotland for a surprise visit. He murdered them in his basement with blows to the head and disposed of them.

Haigh was a gambler and was running short of money by the summer of To solve his financial troubles, he found another couple to kill and rob: Dr Archibald Henderson and his wife Rose, whom he murdered after feigning interest in a house that they were selling.

He was invited to the Hendersons' flat by Rose to play the piano for their housewarming party. While at the flat Haigh stole Archibald Henderson's revolver, planning to use it in his next crime.

Haigh was also known to have stayed at Crawley's George Hotel on several occasions.One of the most bizarre and disturbing cases of mass murder is that committed by John Haigh, a respectable, well dressed, middle-class man with a surfeit of charm who, in the late s, disposed of at least six victims in a manner that led some to label him a vampire.

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John George Haigh, a.k.a. "The Acid Bath Murderer", was a British serial killer, con artist, and one-time family annihilator. Haigh was born in and raised in a highly religious household.

Mar 06,  · Biography of the 'charming' murderer John George Haigh.

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Taken from The Ultimate Killer Collection by Stewart Andel. John George Haigh (24 July – 10 August ), commonly known as the Acid Bath Murderer, was an English serial killer. He was convicted for the murder of six people, although he claimed to . John George Haigh was born on 24 July in Stamford, Lincolnshire.

The family moved to Outwood, West Yorkshire, where Haigh spent the next 24 years of his life.

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